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What is Punk Rock Demonstration?

Punk Rock Demonstration are the premiere source for music of the Industrial genre and the many facets under it's umbrella. This goes hand in hand with our sleek and hearty social community website which is superb for meeting new people. From rivet-heads to scary goths and beyond, meet the real alternative people of the scene. You can send members private or public messages, post on our popular forums, upload and create Photo albums and so much more!

When was Punk Rock Demonstration created? was launched on January 9th, 2007 and has been under going site development from it's launch till May of 2009.

Why was Punk Rock Demonstration created?

Our founder, Adrian Houser officially launched the project with the goal of being the beacon for the genre, a shining example for others to follow in a time when leadership seemed lacking. In providing a professional quality to the Industry that had lacked a clear voice as well as creating a nexus for the genre to conglomerate around, Punk Rock Demonstration is striving hard to be a strong leader for the ever changing frontier that is the alternative community.

How can I contribute to Portal Nation's performance?

If you see users violating rules, bring it to the attention of administrators. If you see forum moderators or administrators abusing their powers, contact any of our admins on Punk Rock Demonstration. If you have a suggestion that you feel can improve the site, create a thread in Site Feedback. Make sure to check the Site Feedback forum before making a suggestion as your idea may have already been suggested.